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Why Content Is King

10 September 2016

This phrase gets bandied around quite a lot - but it is for good reason - content really is king, especially online where everything is window dressing apart from the content.

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Things that make you go …grrrrrrrr!

11 November 2013

Don’t you hate it when you’re checking out a website on your iPhone and you have to zoom in to see the content? Or when navigating becomes tedious and clicking links or ‘order now’ buttons is virtually impossible? Well, so do your customers....

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Animated Logo

31 December 2012

I made this a short while ago when we were getting ready for the rebrand - it was super fun to make and was more a proof of concept code wise.

Note that it will only work in the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10.

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Social Media Strategy?

29 December 2012

So it seems like everyone is tweeting on Twitter, poking on Facebook and tumbling on Tumblr - you know there’s people there, but you’re unsure how to reach them with your message.

Here’s how.

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How to win at dealing with customers.

13 March 2012

About a week ago I received an email from the team at Gather Content regarding upcoming changes to their platform.

However, something went terribly wrong with their mail merge and they ended up sending out the email addressing everyone as John. An email exchange between me and the founder followed, screenshots below.

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