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How to win at dealing with customers.

13 March 2012

About a week ago I received an email from the team at Gather Content regarding upcoming changes to their platform.

However, something went terribly wrong with their mail merge and they ended up sending out the email addressing everyone as John. An email exchange between me and the founder followed, screenshots below.

Email TrailwEmail Trail 2

Just for reference, Gather Content is an awesome system we use to keep our design projects on track. It allows us to create site maps, structures and ultimately gather the content we need from our clients. All of this helps us cut down development time so we can pump out great designs efficiently and effectively.

I knew that the system was awesome, but I didn't know the company was just as great.

After sending my reply above I didn't expect anything to come of it, rather it was intended just as a quip and to help highlight their clearly world ending, catastrophic mistake for calling me John.

However, a knock at the door half an hour ago almost had me rolling on the floor:

Card and Delicious TreatsDelicious Baked Goo

Needless to say – he definitely trumped me and my sarcasm. Additionally it goes without saying that I'll be continuing to use Gather Content moving forward, not just because it's a brilliant system, but also because their Founder clearly has an excellent sense of humour.

Find out more about Gather Content here - GatherContent