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Responsive Web Design.

02 January 2012

What's this all about?

If you want to see it in action, you should look no further than simply resizing your browser window (width ways) while reading this page. Go ahead, we'll wait...

Welcome back!

"Responsive" is a huge buzz word at the moment in web design circles, but the truth is it's been available for a long, long time.

Fluidity is one of the mainstays of design and web browsing, content (text) reshaping to suit the size of the viewers web browser and shifting itself to stay within the viewable area.

However, with the increase in usage of mobile & tablet browsers, a lot of companies and designers have been caught napping, with web sites and content that don't re-style themselves to suit smaller devices

A lot of companies jumped on the mobile website band wagon a while back – in as much as creating sub-domain mobile sites (you'll see them listed like – the problem with these is three fold. You're effectively creating an additional website with more often than not completely different content, which in turn means more updating, more work and ultimately users who aren't sure where to find anything.

Mobile specific sites aren't terrible though and they do an adequate job, however, some companies don't even go that far, for example, even huge companies like Apple haven't (yet) embraced this issue. But rather have dug their heels in and said that their site doesn't need to be responsive because their phone can tap to zoom.

So if a company that creates the very devices people are using can't be bothered, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Well, Responsive Web Design is the answer, as you should have seen from resizing your browser, our website embraces the future and multiple devices by resizing itself based on the viewport width (the size of screen or browser window).

The benefit this creates for us is that we can be sure our content and message is getting through to customers no matter where or on what device they're looking at it.

The important stuff like our phone number is emblazoned across the top no matter what device you're on. The content itself reshapes and sizes itself to suit the viewer and ultimately it will help us prove our worth as designers.

So, how much is this going to cost me extra?

Absolutely nothing. We provide responsive designs with all of our projects, no extra's for "mobile" functionality or "tablet sizing" – we believe a key to every website is generating a return for our customers and this shouldn't be impacted by what device their visitor is using.

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