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Why Content Is King

10 September 2016

This phrase gets bandied around quite a lot - but it is for good reason - content really is king, especially online where everything is window dressing apart from the content.

Don’t get me wrong, design is an absolutely huge part of any good website, but it’s the way in which the design informs, excites or interacts with the content and words that makes it worthwhile.

Realistically speaking, you could have the best looking website with the most awesome interactive features, animations and a billion awesome benefits, but if the content has mistakes, is poorly crafted or doesn’t equal the design approach or message of the housing then the website will fail.

At Unleash we ask our customers to make sure that we can have at least some of the content up front - or at a minimum an outline of it. This is so we can understand the basics - the tone and the approach of the company - but also so we can accentuate the content with our designs and ensure that approaches are not going to clash.

No, it's not easy.

That’s all very nice of course, content as we all know is one of the hardest things to create, whether in house or via an external copywriter. It’s working out the tone of your business, the emotions that you’re going to invoke in a potential customer and it is always hard figuring out the right approach.

Personally, I would always recommend that copywriting is done by someone who does not know your company (yet). The reason for that is two fold; they don’t know your business and they’re better at writing than you (unless you’re a copywriter yourself of course!).

When I say they don’t know your business, that is a strength rather than a weakness as they are approaching it with fresh eyes, just like potential customers. They want to understand the proposition and the ethos and then put that into language another fresh pair of eyes can understand.

This isn’t just a recommendation - we have done it ourselves. While I consider myself a good writer thanks to great teachers, I am not and never have been able to write copy that encourages my visitors to become customers, because my eyes are not fresh.

Because I know my business inside out, I can talk about all different types of code and go into minute detail, really getting into SUPER BORING STUFF for potential customers.

They're not there to learn about your product's exact features.

Visitors are not coming to your website to learn about the product, they’re coming to learn about the benefits your product will garner them and you need to present this information in easy to understand ways.

Copy should be all about your customers, the value of the product and it’s inherent benefits, this should all be geared toward encouraging conversions via links like “Sign Up”, “Buy Now” etc etc. But perhaps the key thing is, it needs to reflect the values and the feel of your company.

There are of course other benefits (see what I did there?) to having copy professionally written, it can help you rank higher in search engines. By having content that hits on your keywords without breaking a step or interrupting potential readers you can have visitors understanding your proposition and Google understanding you’re the place to go for information.

Don't let Search Engine Optimisation ruin your content.

With search engine optimisation in mind - don’t let an SEO “guru” determine your content based on “keywords” or “algorithm blah blah blah”, or shoe horn in irrelevant terms or sentences that break the user experience.

It is extremely frustrating to find a website via searching for something I want, click through to the page and begin to read only to be instantly or slyly interrupted by obvious keywords scattered throughout the copy that clearly aren’t intended for me but for Google.

Ultimately, why get all that traffic through search and then not provide interesting or relevant information? Or worse, provide the information and then ruin it by stuffing keywords into it causing your structure and narrative to break?

Content truly is king because if it’s interesting and worthwhile people will link to it, share it on social media, tell their friends about it, or indeed buy on the spot! 

Look at it this way - would you rather have 100 customers walk into your office and look around for 30 seconds before leaving. Or would you rather have just two customers come inside a spend their money?

So why are you hung up on hits/visits? It’s about conversions, it’s about the percentage of people who find your content intriguing and interesting and want to procure your product or service. 

So be kind, give customers what they want and need and you will reap the benefits and they will love you for your approach.

If you'd like to know who we commissioned to craft our website copy, check them out  - FullStopNewParagraph