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Responsive Web Design

Do you want your website to look fantastic on every device?

Do you want to make sure that no matter how people find you – whether they're browsing on a tiny iPhone screen or gazing at a huge PC monitor - they'll always see a site that's individually designed to work perfectly?

Of course you do. And the great news is that we give you that as standard.

To put it in really simple terms, websites that don't magically adapt to fit the screen can look terrible. Not because there's anything wrong what's on there, but because suddenly, it doesn't work.

If you shrink a normal site to fit on a phone or tablet, suddenly your customers can't read it, they can't click any of the links without a lot of faffing around, and most importantly, they might not even be able to see the 'click here to order' button at all. And if that disappears, so does your potential sale.

To see it in action, look at this site on a desktop and make the browser window smaller. Clever, eh? Then try it on an iPhone. This time, everything's been rearranged to fit the screen, the buttons and links are more suitable for prodding fingers, and some of the bigger images have been removed to speed up loading times.

Without this magic technology, you'd be endlessly pinching the phone screen to zoom in and out, as if you were frantically trying to pick up an invisible hair. Very frustrating, and not the kind of experience you want to give your customers.

Why does all this matter? Because tablets and smartphones are everywhere, and estimates suggest that soon there will be more people using mobile devices to surf the web than traditional computers. That means that without a responsive website, you risk alienating your potential customers.

It's worth repeating here that this isn't an optional extra you have to pay for at Unleash. Here, it's all part of the service. Your website needs to be a joy to use whatever the device, because that's what your valued customers deserve.

So, want a responsive site? 

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