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Web Development

Web development is important stuff.

Your site may be full of lovely images, thrilling video and captivating text, but the glue that holds it all together is the coding that goes on behind the scenes.

Like the engine of a car, the code is what makes websites fast, dynamic, and most importantly, it makes them do what they’re supposed to.

Web development is also probably the most uninteresting thing we do from our customers' point of view. We love it, but we don't expect you to be thrilled about a particularly impressive bit of PHP programming, or gasp in amazement at our high quality HTML.

You should be impressed with the results though, because our excellent coding means you get a great site. Here's three reasons why:

  1. Code is like the foundations of a house. It needs to be really well-built so your site is solid as a rock. Websites that keep crashing do that because the code is a mess.
  2. Code is also your security system. We build sites that are tough as fortresses, keeping out hackers and stopping them stealing your customer data.
  3. Code is your 'access all areas' pass to reach all your customers. It’s impossible to know if they are using a very old version of Explorer, or the very latest mobile browser, but our code is so well-designed that it works everywhere.

So there you have it. Code: it may sound mind bendingly complicated, but it's right at the heart of Unleash. 

And don't worry. If that's as much nerdy information as you can take, we promise we'll never mention it again.

Hire us, and we'll do it in secret, and only show you the beautiful results.

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